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Doctor Who: Series 5 (Soundtrack from the TV Series)
Murray Gold
Silva Screen Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
November 9, 2010

Following on from the success of Doctor Who – Series 4 – The Specials (UK Top 50 Chart album entry and UK Chart No. 1 Soundtrack Album) comes a further 63 track, 2CD set of stunning Murray Gold music.

Series 4 – The Specials is the highest charting release off all Murray Gold, Doctor Who soundtracks.

As Matt Smith regenerated into the eleventh Doctor Who this spring, Murray Gold has completed music for over 50 episodes in a prolific five years .

This release features music from all 13 episodes of series 5 and includes the new arrangement of the classic Doctor Who theme plus new themes for the Doctor and his assistant Amy Pond.

“I think that Murray Gold is incredible, totally incredible, a genius” – Matt Smith

Diamond Anniversary Edition Triple Vinyl LP

The first ever episode of Doctor Who aired on the 23rd of November 1963. To celebrate sixty years of the TV show that has become a national institution, Silva Screen Records are releasing the soundtrack to Series 5 as it first appeared on CD back in November 2010.

Steven Moffat’s new vision of Doctor Who, with Matt Smith as the eleventh Doctor, was perfectly matched by Murray Gold’s score in Series 5.

This album features music from all 13 episodes of Series 5 on triple coloured vinyl in a special gatefold sleeve. 

Digital Tracklist

Disc 1

  1. 1 Doctor Who XI 1:04 Buy

    Doctor Who XI

  2. 2 Down to Earth 1:06 Buy

    Down to Earth

  3. 3 Little Amy 1:44 Buy

    Little Amy

  4. 4 Fish Custard 2:00 Buy

    Fish Custard

  5. 5 Can I Come With You? 1:38 Buy

    Can I Come With You?

  6. 6 Little Amy: The Apple 1:12 Buy

    Little Amy: The Apple

  7. 7 The Sun's Gone Wibbly 2:25 Buy

    The Sun's Gone Wibbly

  8. 8 Zero 1:41 Buy


  9. 9 I Am The Doctor 4:04 Buy

    I Am The Doctor

  10. 10 The Mad Man With A Box 2:11 Buy

    The Mad Man With A Box

Disc 2

  1. 1 Paint 0:35 Buy


  2. 2 Vincent 2:00 Buy


  3. 3 Hidden Treasures 1:01 Buy

    Hidden Treasures

  4. 4 A Troubled Man 2:30 Buy

    A Troubled Man

  5. 5 With Love, Vincent 3:27 Buy

    With Love, Vincent

  6. 6 Adrift In The TARDIS 0:45 Buy

    Adrift In The TARDIS

  7. 7 Friends And Neighbours 1:16 Buy

    Friends And Neighbours

  8. 8 Doctor Gastronomy 1:07 Buy

    Doctor Gastronomy

  9. 9 You Must Like It Here 0:52 Buy

    You Must Like It Here

  10. 10 A Useful Striker 1:33 Buy

    A Useful Striker

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Murray Gold

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