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Laurence Rosenthal - Music For Film And Television
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Laurence Rosenthal, Brussels Philharmonic & Dirk Brossé
Silva Screen Records
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November 3, 2023

Among all composer-centred albums that have been produced at Film Fest Gent over the past twenty years, this new recording of music by Laurence Rosenthal, ‘Laurence Rosenthal: Music For Film And Television’ is certainly unique in the festival’s history, in that it celebrates a composer who was already writing classic film scores during an era that has become known as the silver age of film music. While the oldest music on previous albums dates back to the early 1980s, some of the scores presented here were composed in the early 1960s – a full decade earlier than the first edition of Film Fest Gent itself, which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary.

This felicitous release features all-new studio recordings of selected scores by this American composer, one of the giants of film, television and theatre music, who has been on the festival’s music programming wish list for years. Laurence Rosenthal’s career in film and television composition, which began in the 1950s, spans no less than six decades. To one generation of filmgoers the composer is known for his scores to acclaimed 1960s films such as ‘The Miracle Worker ‘and ‘Becket’, to another generation for his scores to late 1970s/early 1980s genre films such as ‘The Island of Dr Moreau’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’, to television viewers of the 1980s for his scores to a variety of miniseries such as ‘Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna’ and ‘The Bourne Identity,’ and finally to both old and new generations for his theme and scores for ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’.

“To have maestro Dirk Brosse and the Brussels Philharmonic now bringing new life to these selected scores is a very special privilege for me, for which I am so thankful” LAURENCE ROSENTHAL


    1. THE RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE - Suite: I. The Great Plains / II. Training for War / III. The Buffalo Hunt / IV. The Great Plains (Reprise)
    1. THE MIRACLE WORKER - Suite: I. Prologue: Helen Alone / II. First Meeting / III. The Miracle at the Pump
    1. MICHELANGELO: THE LAST GIANT - Suite: I. David / II. San Pietro
    1. BRASS TARGET - Mara
    1. BILLY THE KID - Main Title
    1. CLASH OF THE TITANS - Suite: I. Flight to Mount Olympus / II. The Lovers / III. Joppa
    1. FANTASY ISLAND - Theme
    1. MUSSOLINI: THE UNTOLD STORY - Suite: I. Echoes of Rome: Ave Caesar! / II. Claretta: Chat by the Window / III. Off to Capri
    1. REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT - Main Title (Revised Version)
    1. METEOR - Suite: I. End Credits / II. Dubov's Rage
    1. A RAISIN IN THE SUN - Today, He Came into His Manhood
    1. THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES: "IRELAND, APRIL 1916" - Suite: I. Welcome to Ireland II. Fight in the Bakery
    1. YOUNG INDIANA JONES AND THE HOLLYWOOD FOLLIES - Suite: I. Welcome to Hollywood / II. Sunset / III. Runaway Wagon
    1. BECKET - Suite: I. Prologue and Arrival of the King at Canterbury / II. Triumph in France / III. Epilogue

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 The Return of a Man Called Horse (Suite) 9:42 Buy

    The Return of a Man Called Horse (Suite)

  2. 2 The Miracle Worker (Suite) 8:00 Buy

    The Miracle Worker (Suite)

  3. 3 Michelangelo The Last Giant (Suite) 4:07 Buy

    Michelangelo The Last Giant (Suite)

  4. 4 Brass Target - Mara 3:45 Buy

    Brass Target - Mara

  5. 5 Billy The Kid (Main Title) 3:13 Buy

    Billy The Kid (Main Title)

  6. 6 Clash of the Titans (Suite) 5:33 Buy

    Clash of the Titans (Suite)

  7. 7 Fantasy Island (Theme) 2:11 Buy

    Fantasy Island (Theme)

  8. 8 Mussolini The Untold Story (Suite) 7:21 Buy

    Mussolini The Untold Story (Suite)

  9. 9 Anastasia The Mystery of Anna - Berlin Bridge 3:34 Buy

    Anastasia The Mystery of Anna - Berlin Bridge

  10. 10 Requiem for a Heavyweight (Main Title - Revised Version) 1:34 Buy

    Requiem for a Heavyweight (Main Title - Revised Version)

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