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Body Parts (Original Film Soundtrack)
Nainita Desai
Silva Screen Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
February 24, 2023

Nainita Desai’s jaunty and playful soundtrack to critically acclaimed documentary Body Parts.

Directed by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and produced by Helen Hood Scheer, Body Parts traces the evolution of "sex" on-screen from a woman’s perspective. The film features candid interviews with actors and creators who are advocating for real change, including Jane Fonda, Joey Soloway, Rose McGowan, Rosanna Arquette, Alexandra Billings, David Simon. The documentary exposes the uncomfortable realities behind some of Hollywood’s most iconic scenes and celebrates the bold creators leading the way for change.

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan explains “I began researching the role of body doubles for nude and sex scenes with my producer Helen Hood Scheer. That these idealized bodies are brought in and stitched together to present a perfect image of feminine sexuality while simultaneously being uncredited and paid less than stunt performers was telling. We also thought the relationship between the body double and the actor was unique; the actor generally chooses her own double. Once we began to actually talk to actors (Sheryl Lee was one of the first actors we spoke with), we realized there was so much more at stake for those most often asked to take off clothes: young women. Nudity riders, modesty garments, merkins, deep fakes, and rape stunt coordinators? That so much negotiation and construction goes into the illusion of nakedness felt topical and urgent as an exploration of gender and its representation. In the midst of our research, Times Up and Me Too exploded onto the scene and these very concerns became foregrounded in the news cycle. We followed the story and five years later… here we are.”

Nainita’s soundtrack opens with playful vocals, the voices of dissent and confidence. Nainita explains “The vocals embrace the spectrum of emotions, jagged and angular, sometimes innocent, seductive, and lush and at other times confident, bold and playful, representing the voice of dissent and united front of women coming together and taking control as a singular voice in the film. The vocals sound slightly robotic where the women are perceived as being subservient without any say or control over their situation and how they are presented. I’m not using the vocals in a normal song like way but more like an instrument with a very human quality.” The soundtrack plays out with a hurried step through a range of percussive sounds, broadened by angular strings and hard staccato piano. Also featured are bold jazz influenced drums, performed by Ollie Howell with whom Nainita co-wrote some tracks. The drums have unpredictable rhythmic time signatures, and combined with gentle motifs, create a feeling of unease and claustrophobia, perfectly encapsulating the female actor’s experience of working on sex scenes on sets. Nainita’s music world is bold and confident, just like the women coming forward to tell their stories and experiences.

Body Parts premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival as a Spotlight Documentary in June 2022, most recently showing at the Palm Springs International Festival in January 2023. In the UK, Body Parts will premiere on Storywille BBC Two on 28th February 2023. The film received positive reviews with Indiewire calling it “clever and damning…” and Deadline referring to it as “smart, engaging and masterfully crafted… a riveting exploration of what is arguably the last mystery in mainstream moviemaking - the sex scene.”

Nainita Desai is an Emmy and Royal Television Society award winning composer best known for her Oscar nominated and BAFTA and Cannes winning feature documentary For Sama, and Sundance and BIFA winning feature The Reason I Jump. Other recent credits include BBC drama Maryland, Bafta nominated American Murder, ITV crime drama series The Tower (Mammoth Screen; Gemma Whelan), as well as Netflix hit 14 Peaks : Nothing Is Impossible (exec: Jimmy Chinn), Predators for Sky/Netflix, and acclaimed Interactive film-game Immortality. Film4 labelled her as one of the top 5 “composers of 2020 who should be on your radar” and Mark Kermode, the UK's leading film critic placed her score for The Reason I Jump in the Top 3 film scores of 2021 with Empire Magazine championing her as one of the “5 film composers to watch out for 2022”.

Also available on Silva Screen Records are Nainita Desai’s scores for BBC ITV’s The Tower and the widely acclaimed British–Romanian nature documentary Untamed Romania.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Body Parts Titles 2:26 Buy

    Body Parts Titles

  2. 2 Sex Education 3:49 Buy

    Sex Education

  3. 3 Bikini Day 1:46 Buy

    Bikini Day

  4. 4 Body Doubles 1:26 Buy

    Body Doubles

  5. 5 The Mechanics Of Filming 3:32 Buy

    The Mechanics Of Filming

  6. 6 Kiss Her Into Submission 0:33 Buy

    Kiss Her Into Submission

  7. 7 Merkins 0:49 Buy


  8. 8 The Male Gaze 1:35 Buy

    The Male Gaze

  9. 9 Me Too 5:03 Buy

    Me Too

  10. 10 Accusations 1:08 Buy


  11. 11 Sex and Desire 2:01 Buy

    Sex and Desire

  12. 12 Deep Fake 0:35 Buy

    Deep Fake

  13. 13 Limited Imaginations 2:56 Buy

    Limited Imaginations

  14. 14 Flipping The Script 3:18 Buy

    Flipping The Script

Nainita Desai

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