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Doctor Who Series 13 - The Specials
Segun Akinola
Silva Screen Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
January 13, 2023

Silva Screen Records will release the eagerly awaited Doctor Who Series 13 The Specials on 13th January 2023. Leading to this triple CD set, Silva Screen will digitally release the volumes separately - Eve Of The Daleks on 2nd December, Legend of the Sea Devils on 9th December and The Power Of The Doctor on 16th December.

The 2022 Doctor Who specials are the three additional episodes that follow the programme's thirteenth series. The first special, Eve Of The Daleks, aired on 1 January 2022, the second, Legend of the Sea Devils, aired on 17 April and the third, The Power Of The Doctor on 23 October. They are the final episodes to feature Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. The specials also star Mandip Gill and John Bishop as the Doctor's travelling companions, Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis. Chris Chibnall is the showrunner and the writer. All Series 13 episodes, together with the 3 specials, are currently available to watch on BBC iPlayer in the UK.

Chris Chibnall reflects on Segun’s work - “How do I sum up Segun’s contribution to ‘Doctor Who’, and the Thirteenth Doctor’s era, in a few words?... I only need one: brilliant! Segun made the show’s musical landscape wide-ranging, specific and authentic. The scores for these three Specials illustrate that breadth perfectly. From the witty but emotional jazz-infused chamber piece of Eve Of The Daleks, through the beautiful and powerful use of traditional Chinese instrumentation in Legend Of The Sea Devils, culminating with The Power of The Doctor: a fitting climax to Segun’s work on the show - bringing together so many of the fabulous themes he’s created: from Daleks and Cybermen to the Master, Yaz, and the Thirteenth Doctor’s wondrous heroic and emotive theme.”

Segun scored Sundance 2019 favourite The Last Tree, which was also recorded at Abbey Road Studios. This is Segun’s second feature film collaboration with director Shola Amoo after A Moving Image, and it earned him a Discovery of the Year award nomination at the World Soundtrack Awards. A BAFTA Breakthrough Brit 2017, Segun’s other work includes scoring BBC Two’s landmark four-part series Black and British: A Forgotten History.

Also available on Silva Screen Records are Segun Akinola’s scores Doctor Who Series 11, Doctor Who Series 12 and Doctor Who Series 13 FLUX


  1. Here We Are Again
  2. Out Of Service
  3. I Am Not Nick
  4. Deja Vu
  5. The Correction
  6. Sorry Sorry Sorry
  7. Not A Great Plan
  8. Took You Long Enough
  9. We Will Not Stop
  10. We Go Again and We Win
  11. The Doctor Cannot Save You
  12. A Brilliant Plan
  13. Important Stuff to Do
  14. Fireworks


  1. You Have No Idea What You’re Doing
  2. Catching a Whopper
  3. Pirate Queen
  4. Who Wants to Be Next?
  5. Celestial Navigation
  6. Going Up
  7. Say Hello to My Crew
  8. This Is Gonna Be Tricky
  9. A Good Legend


  1. You Shall Not Disrupt Our Mission
  2. We Should Go In
  3. Why Would I Ever Trust You?
  4. Dealing with Multiple Somethings
  5. Magnificent Attention to Detail
  6. A Calculated Risk
  7. Say Hello to My Friends
  8. I Am The Doctor
  9. We Are Not Finished
  10. What’s The Plan?
  11. Reunite
  12. All Hands On Deck
  13. Activate Everything
  14. She’s The Doctor

These 3 volumes will also be available digitally as separate albums on the following dates:

Eve of the Daleks - 2nd December 2022

Legend of the Sea Devils - 9th December 2022

The Power of the Doctor -16th December 2022

Segun Akinola

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