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Frozen Planet II (Original Television Soundtrack)
Display Artist
Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas & James Everingham
Silva Screen Records
Catalogue Number
Release Date
7 octobre 2022

Frozen Planet II (Original Television Soundtrack)

Original Music by Hans Zimmer, Adam Lukas and James Everingham

Featuring AURORA

In 2011 the BBC series Frozen Planet, focusing on life and the environment in the Arctic and Antarctic won acclaim across the world and received four Emmy awards. Over a decade on from the original Frozen Planet, the sequel, Frozen Planet II tells the complete story of the entire frozen quarter of our planet that’s locked in ice and blanketed in snow.

Mark Brownlow, Executive Producer, Frozen Planet II, reveals “Frozen Planet II is a celebration of wondrous wildlife overcoming the challenges of life in the extremes. Yet today it faces the even greater challenge of climate change”.

Hans Zimmer is one of the most prolific and acclaimed film score composers with over 150 scores to his credit. He is the winner of four Grammy Awards, three Classical Brit Awards, two Golden Globes and two Academy Awards. His long-standing working relationship with BBC Earth has seen an incredible body of music including previous Silva Screen releases, Seven Worlds One Planet, Blue Planet II and Planet Earth II.

Zimmer’s hand-selected, exciting and diverse Emmy Award winning composer collective, Bleeding Fingers, embraces and nurtures a deep musical heritage to deliver a sonic depth that is second to none. The Frozen Planet II score is enriched by the ethereal voice of the Norwegian singer songwriter AURORA.

" The Bleeding Fingers team and I feel incredibly privileged to be given the opportunity to score such a pioneering and important natural history landmark as Frozen Planet II.” – Hans Zimmer

Frozen Planet II is a BBC Studios Natural History Unit production for BBC One, co-produced by BBC America and The Open University, Migu Video, ZDF and France Télévisions. The Executive Producer is Mark Brownlow and the Series Producer is Elizabeth White.

Disc 1

  1. The Frozen Planet
  2. Harp Seal Pup
  3. Silent Sky
  4. Origins of Life
  5. Boreal Forest
  6. Arrival of Spring
  7. Beluga Escape
  8. Fidgety Bedfellow
  9. Giants of the Deep
  10. Orca Ramming
  11. Showdown at the Shore
  12. Aurora Borealis I
  13. Aurora Borealis II
  14. Full Bloom
  15. Projectile Vomit
  16. Losing Ice
  17. Wrangel Island
  18. Crisis

Disc 2

  1. Kingdoms of Ice
  2. Journey to the Southern Ocean
  3. Daylight Robbery
  4. Amur Tiger
  5. Full Flight Capacity
  6. Tundra Awakening
  7. Hunting Grounds
  8. Many Winters
  9. Frozen Peaks
  10. Atacama Winds
  11. Learning to Breathe
  12. The Matriarch
  13. Hide and Seek
  14. Wandering Albatross
  15. Companionship
  16. Scars of the Earth
  17. Then There Will Be a Future

Liste de titres pour édition numérique

Disque 1

  1. 1 The Frozen Planet 4:23 Acheter

    The Frozen Planet

  2. 2 Harp Seal Pup 5:14 Acheter

    Harp Seal Pup

  3. 3 Silent Sky 3:12 Acheter

    Silent Sky

  4. 4 Origins of Life 2:37 Acheter

    Origins of Life

  5. 5 Boreal Forest 1:37 Acheter

    Boreal Forest

  6. 6 Arrival of Spring 3:02 Acheter

    Arrival of Spring

  7. 7 Beluga Escape 3:03 Acheter

    Beluga Escape

  8. 8 Fidgety Bedfellow 1:49 Acheter

    Fidgety Bedfellow

  9. 9 Giants of the Deep 1:32 Acheter

    Giants of the Deep

  10. 10 Orca Ramming 2:42 Acheter

    Orca Ramming

Disque 2

  1. 1 Kingdoms of Ice 3:27 Acheter

    Kingdoms of Ice

  2. 2 Journey to the Southern Ocean 5:17 Acheter

    Journey to the Southern Ocean

  3. 3 Daylight Robbery 1:52 Acheter

    Daylight Robbery

  4. 4 Amur Tiger 6:18 Acheter

    Amur Tiger

  5. 5 Full Flight Capacity 4:41 Acheter

    Full Flight Capacity

  6. 6 Tundra Awakening 2:49 Acheter

    Tundra Awakening

  7. 7 Hunting Grounds 4:04 Acheter

    Hunting Grounds

  8. 8 Many Winters 4:16 Acheter

    Many Winters

  9. 9 Frozen Peaks 1:45 Acheter

    Frozen Peaks

  10. 10 Atacama Winds 5:24 Acheter

    Atacama Winds

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